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Oxford Guides is passionate about showing the world everything which Oxford has to offer the world.

There is much to learn about this city which became one of the biggest tourist attractions around the time the author, Colin Dexter, published his Inspector Morse book series which was centered around the city.

There is nothing a good murder mystery can’t do for those of us who love those fictitious bewildering perplexities we must solve.

There are several topics we’ve covered throughout the site. Below, you will find a brief summary of each.

The Impact of Inspector Morse in the City of Oxford

Before the publication of the Inspector Morse murder mysteries, Oxford was only really known for the infamous University of Oxford. Yes, it is one of the oldest universities in British history and there are heaps of evidence to support this too. However, people worldwide were given a completely new view of the medieval city after Colin Dexter introduced Inspector Morse to the crime literary lovers of the world.

Who Do You Call When You Need To Get About The City?

You’ve booked your flights to Oxford yet you still want to venture around the cobbled streets and visit landmarks on your own, right? Don’t fret, there are a few car hire companies you can trust to help you out.

Best Places in Oxford Featured Throughout The TV Series of Inspector Morse

Wouldn’t it just be grand to know which places throughout the city of Oxford were used as filming locations for the brilliant Inspector Morse TV series? You’d be baffled at just how many places there are but there’s a select few we’ve chosen to clue you in on.

Guided Tours of Oxford

Some people prefer to do their own sightseeing and others prefer to be taken around the city with a qualified guide. There is no harm in that at all which is why we’ve put together a little mix of guided tours you might be interested in.

Who Is The Man Behind The Mysteries?

Everybody knows the name of the author who revolutionized the murder mystery book genre. But, we’re adamant you’d be interested to know a little bit more about the man and what made him decide to pen one of the most popular book collections today.

What You Didn’t Know

There are always going to be the book fanatics out there who know every single thing there is to know about Inspector Morse, or do they? What about the medieval city itself?

Come along now, all our clues are lined up and just waiting to be discovered!

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